Repairs and Fees

Repairs and Fees

The Mansfield Public Schools committee has accepted a proposal to enforce Chromebook Repair Fees for students throughout the district. These fees are directly associated with the costs of parts used in repairing a student's device. 

Why Are We Implementing Chromebook Fees?

We have tracked a steady increase in the amount of repairs, completing nearly 1,500 Chromebook repairs. Nearly 65% of those repairs we believe had the potential to be preventable due to the physical nature of the damage.

We believe that creating an environment of responsibility, respect, and accountability will help to deter further damages to devices

How Are The Fees Being Calculated?

Devices that come in for repair will be tested, diagnosed, and put into one of three categories. 


Normal Wear and Tear: This is mostly (but not always) the result of failures with the internal components of the device. This is due to no fault of the student. Some examples (but not limited to) of repairs that fall under this category are faulty batteries, small scrapes, and replacement cables. Most faulty internal components are also covered under this policy. These types of repairs will result in no cost or fee to the student. 

Accidental/Physical Damage: Accidental/Physical Damage to a device that had the potential to be preventable will result in a “strike” or what could be also described as a “first time no cost” repair. For the first repair that falls under this category, there will be a “strike” administered to the students repair history. This strike will follow the student for the duration they have their current device. Strikes will be cleared if the student is given a replacement device. 

Examples (but not limited to) of Accidental/Physical Damage: Broken chromebook screen or plastic bezels, device was mishandled resulting in a cracked/broken keyboard, broken/missing hinge trim cover, a liquid spill, or a broken/cracked shell. 

Our technician will move ahead with the repair as normal, replacing and repairing parts as necessary for the specific repair. Any and all parts used in this first repair will be at no cost of the student, as this is their first offense. Students and Parents will be notified that they have used their strike via email. Any device that comes in for another repair after this first strike has been administered results in a fee for any and all parts used in the repair.  (Refer to Chromebook Parts Fee Chart below)

Intentional Damage: Examples of Intentional damage include but are not limited to disassembling the device, forced breakage of any part, stickers (both the device and protective case), drawing or painting on the keyboard, outside case, and the screen and bezel. If our technician has diagnosed a student device as having intentional damage the appropriate school administrator will conduct an investigation into the matter. Intentional Damage of any kind is categorized as vandalism and will result in a repair fee.  (Refer to Chromebook Parts Fee Chart below) If it is determined that the Chromebook is damaged beyond repair then the student will be charged a replacement fee for the Chromebook.  

How Will I Know If I Have To Pay A Fee?

After our technician has completed a repair, the student, their parents or guardian on file, as well as the appropriate staff member managing chromebooks at the students school will receive an incident report email. This incident report email will notify the student of the details of what was found to be wrong with their device, what was done to repair it and what parts were used. The email will also indicate if the student has used their first strike or not, as well as if they have to pay an obligation associated with the repair.

If the student owes an obligation related to the repair, an invoice will be emailed to the parent/guardian with a direct link to the My School Bucks payment portal.  Fees can be paid online with a credit card or checking account.  Cash payments can also be made at the main office at each of our schools.

Can I Get My School Issued Device Repaired/Insured By A Third Party?

No. Our devices are managed solely on campus. We currently cannot have a third-party manage our devices as we would be unable to track what exactly was done to the device, as well as if the parts replaced were adequate. 

Who Is Deciding What Is "Physical/Accidental Damage?


Our Chromebook technicians who complete the repairs will be diagnosing the damage as compared to examples from past repairs. 

How Long Do I Have A 'Strike" On My Account?

A strike will follow the student as long as they have their current device. If the device is swapped out/replaced for any reason the strike will be cleared. 

How Do I Pay The Obligation?

Obligations can be paid simply and conveniently through our partners at My School Bucks. Mansfield Public Schools has been using My School Bucks for many different obligation applications and we added a section to make it very easy to pay any Chromebook Repair Fee. 

This is a convenient way to pay fees online with a credit card or checking account.  Invoices will be emailed to parents/guardians with a direct link to the invoice and the My School Bucks payment portal. 

Fees can also be paid in Cash by visiting the main office at your school.

Chromebook Repair Fees

Full Chromebook Replacement $225 Network Card $   7
Keyboard/Trackpad Assembly 50 Bottom Case $  20
Keyboard $  40 Top Screen Lid 25
Trackpad 15 LCD Bezel $  18
LCD Screen 20 LCD Hinge Trim $  10
Video Cable $  12 Motherboard $  99
Battery 20 Daughterboard $  15
Charger $  20 Speaker Set $   8
Webcam   7 Hinge Set $  20
Webcam Cable $  10 Protective Case $  20
WiFi Antenna $  14

Fees can be accessed and paid through the online My School Bucks Payment portal. This is a convenient way to pay fees online with a credit card.  Invoices will be emailed to the parents/guardians with a direct link to the invoice and My School Bucks Payment Portal.   Cash payments are also accepted and can be brought to the main office at all schools.