FAQ's for Families

What are the benefits of a chromebook program?

  • Provide greater access to information

  • Increase opportunities for student learning

  • Increase student engagement and opportunities to collaborate

  • Increase learning time, as the technology tool and applications can promote greater efficiency

How will the benefits of the program be measured?

We will continue to use all of the same measurement tools we currently use to gauge student progress and success in meeting the learning standards. Through the use of surveys of students and staff, we will be able to gauge how useful the chromebook program has been in supporting teaching and learning.

Why a chromebook rather than another device like a laptop?

  • Faster start up = more time for learning

  • Cost effective

  • More efficient for IT to maintain and push out new applications and configurations

  • Compliments our adoption of G-Suite

Will students use the chromebooks all day and should there be a concern about too much screen time?

No, students will not be on the device all day. Inside the classroom the teacher will drive instruction and selectively decide when and how often to use the device. Outside the classroom, the student and parent will control screen time.

Can my child opt out of the program and use their own device at school?

  • Students cannot use their own personal devices at school (with the exception of cell phones at MHS at the teachers discretion). Personal devices would not be managed by MPS resulting in differences in access to the approved digital learning applications being used for instruction.

  • Students cannot opt out of the program during the school day when a teacher has determined that the device will aid instruction, engagement and best support the learning goals. If the parent/guardian is uncomfortable having their child take the device home, they should discuss their concerns with the Principal.

Will my student be able to use the chromebook outside of school?

Our plan is to allow students to take the device home. We will review the plan and make adjustments as necessary

Why are you allowing devices to be taken home if I already have a computer at home?

  • A goal within our Digital Learning and Technology Integration Plan is to increase access and allow for anywhere/anytime learning for students.

  • We have learned that many families only have one personal device at home, but multiple people competing to use it. Take home chromebooks will help to level the access for all students.

What if we do not have Internet access at home?

  • Mansfield Public Schools will make cellular Hotspots available to families without internet access at home.

  • Families are encouraged to explore the Internet Essentials Program for low cost internet service.

  • We are exploring extended hours at QMS and MHS for students

  • Students can use the free wifi at many public places and the Mansfield Public Library

Who owns the device?

The device will be owned by the Mansfield Public Schools.

Will textbooks still be used?

The use of textbooks will still be a school/grade and content specific consideration. It is important to note that whether learning materials are published in hard copy or provided online, the publishers still charge a similar cost.

What happens if my child has a problem with their device?

You can visit the "Chromebook Video Resources" page to see if the problem can be self diagnosed and resolved. If you are not able to resolve the issue yourself, you should contact the Chromebook Help Desk through our online ticketing system at to report your issue. Loaner devices will be issued from the school for any help desk requests requiring prolonged repair times.

What happens if my child forgets their chromebook at home?

The student can borrow a Chromebook for the day from the main office at the school.

Will student online activities be monitored?

To help protect your child against harmful and inappropriate online material as required by the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the Mansfield Public School will utilize content filtering and monitoring solutions both at school and at home.