Chromebooks in


Our digital literacy Vision Statement:

Our vision of the ideal school is one in which all students are actively and intellectually engaged in their learning as a result of the instructional practices that are personalized, differentiated, innovative, and designed to challenge their thinking and understanding. The result of our collective efforts is for all students to achieve their personal best and become meaningful contributors to our society.

The Digital Learning & Technology Integration Plan includes a number of guiding beliefs that support this initiative, including ‘Mansfield Public Schools is committed to combining best teaching practices with the power of digital tools to inspire, empower, and engage all students', 'All learners will be engaged and empowered in a digitally rich, blended environment that prepares them to be ethical participants in a globally connected society', and 'Ensure an equitable and accessible digital learning environment for all students and staff that is supported by a robust and comprehensive infrastructure'.

Through the Chromebook Initiative, our goal is to move students and teachers towards this vision and meet our objectives. The Chromebooks, combined with Google Apps for Education (G-Suite), will give students the technology tools necessary to communicate, collaborate, create and publish their work in a 21st century learning environment. It will provide them with opportunities to show the relevance and interconnectedness of their knowledge and skills; and allow faculty to use instructional approaches such as blended learning and project based learning to engage students and extend learning experiences into the global community. The Chromebooks will become one of the tools available to help support critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration and research in our classrooms.