Testing Audio/Video Equipment Before A Meet

Testing Audio/Video Equipment Before A Meet

February 8th 2021

This week, I'm here to tell you all about a new feature coming to Google Meet! What if you could tell if you had something stuck in your teeth before you hopped into a call? What if you could spot an embarrassing poster visible in your background? What if you wanted to find out what your microphone sounds like to other call participants?

Well you're in luck! Google is rolling out a new feature which will allow you to preview your video and audio exactly as others in a Google Meet would see them. This means that you could detect if your device's CPU usage and network stability is negatively impacting your call quality. You could also catch if your input volume needs to be adjusted or different peripherals need to be selected. It's all just a button click away. Right before you join the Meet, a button will appear beneath the standard camera preview with the text "Check your audio and video." After clicking this button, a window will appear that will allow you to record a short clip to see and hear yourself through the eyes and ears of your peers. Simple, fast, and easy! This feature should be rolled out to everyone in our doman in the next two weeks.

You can read more about it here on the Google Workspace blog.

-Leo Bunyea, Technology Technician and Video Call Rescuer