Student Chromebook


Mansfield Public Schools has provided students with a Chromebook for the purpose of equitable access to education during this time of remote and hybrid learning. This document contains guidelines for how students should be maintaining and utilizing these devices.

  • You should bring your Chromebook to school every day. There is a finite number of loaner devices and you will not be guaranteed one if you do not bring yours to school.

  • Fully charge your Chromebook overnight. This eliminates the need to transport the AC adapter to and from school. Additionally, outlet availability for charging in school is limited.

    • Students should bring their Chromebook to all classes, although the use of the Chromebook during class is strictly at the teacher’s discretion.

  • While in school, sound must be muted at all times unless permission is obtained from a teacher.

    • Headphones may be used at the discretion of the teacher.

    • Students should have their own personal set of headphones for sanitary reasons.

  • Be careful while inserting cords, cables, and removable storage devices.

  • Always be sure to use your Chromebook on a hard, flat, level surface to prevent overheating and high CPU usage.

  • Make sure there is nothing on the keyboard before closing the lid (e.g. pens, pencils).

  • You can clean the screen with a soft, dry microfiber cloth.

  • Keep Chromebooks free of any writing, drawing, or stickers.

    • If your Chromebook was issued with a ‘Stay-in’ case, you are expected to leave the device in this case while using it, charging it, and transporting it.

      • You may customize the TOP of your case with decals as a means of personalizing the device and for easy identification. The bottom of your case should remain free of any stickers.

    • If you were not issued a device with a 'Stay-in' case, you may not customize your device with decals or stickers.

  • Do not tamper with the silver asset tag on the bottom of the device.

  • Avoid exposing the Chromebook to extreme temperatures, such as leaving it in the car overnight during the winter or summer.

  • Eat or drink before or after use of the Chromebook so that no accidents damage the device.

  • When storing your Chromebook close the lid and keep heavy objects from being placed on top of it.

  • When carrying your Chromebook make sure the lid is closed and carry it securely with two hands.

  • Lost chromebooks and lost chargers will be replaced at a fee of $225.00 for a chromebook and $20.00 for a charger. This fee needs to be collected in the main office before a replacement is provided.