Student Chromebook


Mansfield Public Schools has provided students with a Chromebook for the purpose of equitable access to education. This document contains guidelines for how students should be maintaining and utilizing these devices.

The Mansfield Public Schools is providing Chromebooks to students in grades PK-12. Below is some information to help set expectations for use.

      • 1:1 Chromebooks are being issued to students in grades 3-12

      • Students in grades 3-12 are permitted to take their chromebook home and use the device in ways that are educationally appropriate by following Responsible Use Policy procedures.

      • Classroom sets of chromebooks will be available to students in grades PK-2

      • Students in grades PK-2 are not permitted to bring a device home and should leave it in the charging basket in their classroom overnight.

      • Students should bring their chromebook to school every day. There is a finite number of loaner devices and there is no guarantee one will be available.

      • Chromebooks should be fully charged overnight. This eliminates the need to transport the AC adapter to and from school. Additionally, outlet availability for charging in school is limited.

      • Students should bring their chromebooks to all classes, although the use of the chromebook during class is strictly at the teacher's discretion.

      • Chargers should be left at home.

      • Charging stations will be available on a limited basis.

      • If the chromebook is not working properly, gets damaged or lost, students should report their issue by opening a ticket at There will also be stations setup at school to allow students to report issues with their device.

      • If an issue takes an extended time to repair, students will be issued a loaner device.

      • Students should not attempt to make repairs on their own, nor should they bring the device to any third-party for repairs.

      • If a case was provided with the chromebook, it should remain on the device at all times and students should not put any stickers, writing or other markings on the case or device.

      • Serial numbers and district tags should remain visible and should not be defaced or covered.

      • Students should take good care of the chromebook and accessories to prevent damage to the device.

      • Screens can be cleaned with a soft, dry microfiber cloth.

      • While in school, sound must be muted at all times unless permission is obtained from a teacher.

      • Headphones may be used at the discretion of the teacher.

      • Students should have their own set of headphones for sanitary reasons.

      • Chromebooks should be used on a hard, flat, level surface to prevent overheating and should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, such as leaving it in the car overnight during the winter or summer months.

      • Eat or drink before or after use of the chromebook so that no accidents damage the device.

      • Chromebooks should be stored with the lid closed and heavy objects should not be placed on top of it.

      • Chromebooks should be carried securely with two hands and the lid closed.

      • The device must be returned to the school if the student withdraws from the District.

      • Students should not share chromebooks or loan them out to family or friends.

      • Lost chromebooks and lost chargers will be replaced at a fee of $225 for a chromebook and $20 for a charger. This fee needs to be collected in the main office before a replacement is provided.

Failure to follow these expectations will result in disciplinary action which may include restriction and loss of technology privileges, payment for damages or repairs, and discipline under appropriate District policies.